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Matilda Bay Tea Rooms

Matilda Bay Tea Rooms

The Matilda Bay Tea Rooms is a refreshing scenery change from the city cafes that we are always visiting. Located on the Swan River at the Matilda Bay Reserve and within walking distance to UWA (University of Western Australia) this place gives you a nice peek into the lifestyle of the typical West Australian and that is – ‘enjoying the outdoors’.


Seating by the river


Alfresco Seating


The tea rooms have been a part of the Crawley landscape since the 1960′s, it is a fairly simple establishment that serves breakfast, tea and coffee refreshments and lunch. It is counter service which means order at the counter and then pick a table inside or outside.


Matilda Bay Tea Rooms



The high ceilings inside make room for the large windows revealing a pretty relaxing view.


View of the river from inside


bar seating


Boating is very popular in Perth and the Swan River is cluttered with them, today there are only a few  floating around on the bay.


under the trees


As I took the tray to our table I spilled some of the coffee, never mind as they were consumed fairly quickly. The cappuccinos were priced at $4.00 which is the standard price in Perth these days. We shared a chicken and avocado roll costing $8.50, again prices the same as most places in Perth. All up it was all pretty good.


Coffee and Sandwiches



You cannot beat the location and the relaxation it brings, sitting in the sun with a coffee and some food.


coffee with a view



I love my photo below of a family of black swans and the city skyline in the background. The Matilda Bay Reserve has a large grassed area with picnic tables and BBQ facilities, there is also a small jetty area for kids to play and swim.


Family of Black Swans


swans river and city backdrop



The Black Swan is unique to Western Australia


Black Swans



A beautiful day to spend by the river




Beautiful grass area surrounding the tearooms




Minor Information

Fee parking only


Location Address
Hackett Drive, Nedlands, 6009, Perth,

PERTH, Western Australia, Australia


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