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Domain on Loch

Domain on Loch

This morning we took my little car to the garage for its major service and luckily for us there was a cafe around the corner for a much needed breakfast and coffee retreat, to distract my thoughts of the car service cost.

Domain on Loch sits on a corner street in neighbourhood surroundings, the cafe is housed in a restored character home typical to the Claremont area. I was initially drawn to the cafe simply by the appearance of the chairs located outside, they resembled a high heeled shoe which I thought was pretty cool.


Claremont has quite a few cafes nestled in its neighbourhood streets and I am finding them to be a quiet haven from the bustling city cafes. Domain on Loch is also a catering business providing platters, buffets, finger foods and organised function menus.

Domain 2

Inside the cafe there was a little ‘beach shack’ looking space separated from the front counter area. One wall was adorned in recipes and food photos and the odd article from old magazines, quite possibly Women’s Day Magazines – an iconic Australian Magazine that most Australian ladies would be familiar with.

Domain 3

Immediately upon taking our seats in a private corner of the cafe the lady took our coffee orders simultaneously and we were given the winter breakfast menu. Winter is my favourite season of the year and the reason I would not trade a frosty cold day in Perth over a warm summertime day is purely for the fact of food. I enjoy tucking into those rich warm hearty meals with thick sauces – burgundy beef, goulash, pasta, pumpkin soup.




Domain on Loch use Karvan 100% Arabica beans in their brewed coffee and they also have an industrial coffee machine which you can admire when paying the bill. My first time trying the Karvan coffee blend and sipping on the cappuccino I noticed a slightly pleasant nutty taste and it was a fairly strong coffee despite the presence of milk.

Trio of free range eggs ($14.00)


I went with a simple breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast and my chosen dish was served with a nice tomato base sauce and whipped butter.


Oven Baked Chorizo ($19.00)


Derek’s dish was a clear winner of choice for a winter dish and fresh from the oven it was a baked pot of chorizo sausage, beans, spinach and tomato sauce. The top had a layer of melted parmesan and cheddar cheese. The chorizo sausage was sliced and not diced, it was good to see a good portion of sausage in the dish.


Coffee serenity

coffee domain

The cafe is located a short driving distance from Stirling Highway, it is nearby to the Toyota Car servicing centre, the showgrounds and St Thomas Primary School. The nearest train station is the showgrounds station on the Fremantle line.

 domain map


More Information

Breakfast is served from 7:00am to 11.30am 7 days a week

Outside seating perfect for the dog friends

Domain Catering

9389 9398

0419 966 924

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  1. Looks delicious! It’s always so great to discover new cafes and this one looks like a winner :)

  2. Both my husband and I love visiting Claremont. It is such a lovely place. I heart the baked pot of Sausage, can go to Claremont just for that :)

  3. Ooh I love chorizo and that oven baked dish of it looks fantastic. Must give it a whirl at home.

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