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Unofficial Tulip Festival

Unofficial Tulip Festival

Chalet Healy Tea Rooms is located at The Araluen Botanic Park in the Perth Hills, just a 40 minute drive from the City. In between renovating our little apartment we thought we would take a break and head there Sunday morning to check out the tulips (the unofficial Tulip festival at Araluen Botanical Park).

Araluen is picturesque and tranquil, its gardens span for hectares containing Australian and international fauna. Most people come to Araluen to picnic and relax on the perfectly green lawns. There are walking trails to wander and even a little choo choo train that chugs around the park. There are free BBQ’s to use as well as a few tearooms and a coffee and hot dog van.

The Chalet Healy Tea Rooms sit high on the valley providing beautiful views. We arrived early and although all staff were around they would not serve us until opening time. Funnily enough we were not the only ones early either, a  real shame the staff were not willing to be proactive. Recently a  lot of attention has been received from another cafe in a similar situation, except it was the Perth mayor that happened to be the customer!

As beautiful as the surroundings were, the coffee and cake served to us was fairly average. If anything stop past for a coffee just to take in the view and park surroundings.




The Chalet Healy Tea Rooms resemble a log cabin that you would find in the mountains. An old Wisteria covers the front porch area.


tearoom 2





tearoom 3

Long Mac







Carrot Cake

Carrot cake


Blackforest Cake


blackforest cake


The beautiful view from the cafe – worth the coffee I think!




‘Tulips, Camellias, Rhododendrons, Magnolias, Daphnes, Roses and millions of bulbs all flourish amongst the Eucalyptus, including Marri, Blackbutt, Flooded Gum, Karri, Tuart and Jarrah trees in our magnificent 59 hectare garden and surrounds. Araluen is truly a garden lover’s paradise.’ Araluen Botanic Park


red and white


 Looking down into the valley, this is only a small part of the park and gardens.




The tulips are a must see, it was a lot of fun snapping pictures of them. Each March hundreds of thousands of bulbs are planted by volunteers and a few months later they bloom into spectacular flowers.


tulip red and purple


Beautiful combinations of colours against the native Australia backdrop.


tulips red and yellow



red and yellow tulips


A small creek cuts through the park.


tulips and creek



To reach the tea rooms, park in the first carpark! Arrive early as it does get busy at around lunch time. The tea rooms open from 10.00am.


Araluen Botanic Park
362 Croyden Road
Roleystone WA 6111

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