Station Street Markets, Subiaco

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What happens if you are craving sweet food and your partner wants hot and spicy? How to compromise? I happily discovered that there is no need too as The Station Street Markets in the heart of Subiaco offers an ample variety of foods in an undercover ‘hawker centre’ environment to suit almost everyone in the party. The markets are located on Station Street and within walking distance from Rokeby Road and the Subiaco Train Station.

We frequent the markets a bit to purchase fruit, vegetables and spices but today we tried three of the food stalls instead. Inside the markets there are four small food courts, one being a long shaped alfresco area ending with a small stage for live entertainment throughout the day. The variety of food available includes Patisserie, Japanese, Salvadorian, Mexican, Thai, African, Vietnamese, Indian, Malaysian, German, Spanish and Seafood – wow! Other delicious items include yogurt, ice cream, milk shakes and frozen ice drinks. Coffee is available from the French Patisserie La Galette de France.

Subiaco Station Street Markets

Front entrance
One of the food courts inside The Station Street Markets

foodcourt 2

I have always loved the hectic and bustling market atmosphere, drawing in people from all walks of life, all enjoying food together in an open setting. You do have to be up for that kind of experience but I have found the food courts to be not as busy as the fruit and vegetable area which is just plain hectic all the time. A Sunday afternoon is a perfect time to visit the food courts.

Growers Lane where you will find La Galette de France and Lawley’s Bakery, two very popular bakeries in Perth


Firstly we ordered a few coffees from the La Galette de France crepe stand, the stand is around the corner from the other La Galette De France stand on Growers Lane (they have two). I also ordered a crepe and although the Nutella one was tempting I went with the sweet Raspberry crepe.

The food court was busy and the majority of tables were taken except for a few in the corner. I was happy the guy delivering the coffees found us in the crowd.

Cappuccino & Long Mac from La Galette de France


The coffees were made nicely, I was impressed and they were just as good as what you would find along the cafe strip on Rokeby Road. The Raspberry Coulis Crepe was beautifully presented, maybe a little too much coulis but it went so well with my sugarless coffee. It does make for a good ‘power’ snack to get you moving afterwards.

Raspberry Coulis Crepe from La Galette de France ($8.00)

Rasberyy Coulis Crepe

Alfresco food court under marquees with a few new choices such as German, Seafood and Tapas

big pan

Bratkartoffeln cooking away in the pan at the German food stand

German pan

The Bratkartoffeln dish is served with fried potatoes, onions, spices, sliced sausage, bread and a fried egg.  It is Autumn in Perth at the moment but as the weather becomes colder this dish is what I would call the perfect ‘winter warmer’. At the price of $10.00 this dish is value for money. The potatoes were nice and soft, they were not overly fried more slowly cooked in the pan. Basically the dish was delish!

Bratkartoffeln served with potatoes, bratwurst, bread and a fried egg ($10.00)


Hawkers Delight

hawkers delight

Dk literally rushed to the Malaysian food stand named Hawkers Delight, he ordered the Char Kway Teow and requested for it to be spicy. Spicy it certainly was, he thought it was one of the best he has tried in a while. We have since been back to Hawkers Delight and he orders the dish without fail.

Penang Char Kway Teow ($10.00) from Hawkers Delight


I find the Station Street Markets very convenient for grocery shopping, in addition to the fruit and vegetable stalls there is also The Spice Library, The Butcher Shop and Angry Almonds.  Sometimes it can get ridiculously busy with very long lines but I guess that is the typical market atmosphere. Alternatively Woolworths across the road has spacious aisles and self service counters if you do need a change of scenery.

Grapes from the produce store


The Spice Library 

spice library

Live Entertainment throughout the day


Grass Fed Meat available from the butcher

grass fed meats

Hawkers Delight

Facebook Page

Hawkers Delight on Urbanspoon
La Galette de France

La Galette de France on Urbanspoon

Station Street Markets

Open Friday to Sunday
Phone: 9388 9286

Minor Information

It is football season and I think these markets would be perfect for a pre – game snack or meal before heading to Paterson’s Oval.

Cash only, there is an ATM across the road next door to Woolworths

Park at the undercover Woolworths Car Park. The first 90 minutes are free however be sure to put your ticket on the dashboard as the car park is a wheel clamping area!




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