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8:30 am on a Saturday morning in Perth and you would think it would be quiet around town.  We were planning on going to the new Gordon Street Garage Cafe which has magically appeared on Urbanspoon’s talk of the town section (poll position 2) but unfortunately or maybe even fortunately for us there was a line out the door and waiting was not a option we were going to entertain.

Our unexpected detour brought us to a nice little cafe at the foot of the tree lined Mount Street, also better known as a mecca for fitness lovers alike. Mums running with prams, extreme cyclists and fitness groups use Mount Street as part of a arduous routine consisting of  Jacobs ladder, Mount Street and Kokoda Track. Do this routine a few days a week and your body will tone up! Anyhow back to coffee and food…..

Riverview on Mount Street is located on the ground floor of a small boutique hotel and it is open daily for breakfast and lunch. Although there was no line to be seen, it was pretty busy and we managed to find a few seats at the communal long table which interestingly was entirely made out of concrete.


The layout of the cafe is refreshingly open and with the lovely green trees on Mount Street you would not think that this place is in the city. Kings Park Botanical Gardens is up the road and St Georges Terrace is a skip and hop in the other direction. The patrons here are a mix of locals, people finishing up their morning exercise and hotel guests.


Our coffee orders were taken straight away whilst we looked over the breakfast menu. The breakfast menu is very simple with the exception of an Asian cuisine Chinese sausage dish. Sitting at the table we caught a glimpse of the river in between two apartment blocks, I am sure the hotel rooms above would have some great views.

 Long Mac ($4.00) and Cappuccino ($4.00)

long mac

The french toast simply put – blew me away. It was served with berry compote, strawberries, stewed apple and a smooth vanilla cream. With only a few mouthfuls left I realised I had forgotten to offer a taste to Dk, instant fail on my behalf!

French Toast ($15.00)

French Toast

Dk’s Salmon and Goats Feta dish was served with toast, poached eggs, sliced salmon and goats feta.  The presentation of the dish was interesting, it appeared to be a ‘do it yourself’ thing which was a novelty to Dk. He proceeded to butter the toast, spread out the goats feta, layer the slices of salmon and top it all with the two poached eggs – all this combined in one mouthful was delicious. It was a first for us to try the combination of the goats feta and salmon and what a delectable combination at that.

The mushrooms in the bowl were a side order to the dish.

Salmon and Goats Feta ($18.00) with a side of Mushrooms ($3.50)

salmon and eggs


The start of Jacobs Ladder

Jacobs Ladder1

Mount Street, one of the steepest hills you will find in the CBD of Perth

mount street


42 Mount Street


More Information

Table service

Takeaway coffee available

Paid parking during the week – $3.30 per hour (ouch!) Weekends – free!

Great for a morning coffee

Walking distance from Kings Park and St Georges Terrace or catch Bus 27 and hop off at Malcolm street, follow Cliff Street and Mount Street is to the left of the roundabout.

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  • mathilde - Reply

    March 24, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    one of my dreams is to visit Australia, I’d love to come sometime!
    When I do, I’ll be sure to check a few adresses here, your blog is awesome =)

    • leanne - Reply

      March 26, 2013 at 12:35 am

      Thank you!!! For me I want to go to France to explore all of the patisseries :)! Australia has beautiful beaches and animals. Sunny weather ALL the time in Perth.

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  • Bradley Backhouse - Reply

    May 23, 2013 at 1:37 am

    Hope you walked up Jacobs ladder to work off those pancakes, hahaha

    • leanne - Reply

      June 8, 2013 at 6:13 am

      I should have but I did not!

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