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Joining the Sunday breakfast crowd in Perth we ventured out to a local Floreat cafe, Fortysevenkirwanstreet. The cafe  is a short drive from Subiaco and one of those places that unless you are regularly in the area you would never know it existed. It is your typical neighbourhood cafe, bringing life to the small uneventful shopping strip surrounded by residential houses.

When we pulled up to the cafe  it was absolutely packed and looking at the people sitting on the grass, we almost never went in but with some faith it turned out there was a table in the corner available for us. We were seated by a friendly wait staff and our coffee orders were taken straight away, she knew exactly what we were thinking!

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Fortysevenkirwanstreet use Toby Estate Coffee for their blend of coffee. My cappuccino was a happy balance of blended beans and milk.  A cappuccino is served with a lovely layer of crema and sprinklings of powdered chocolate, when I scooped up the crema and chocolate as I religiously so do with every cappuccino something unusual occurred, my taste buds picked up on a yummy marshmallow flavour!


I ordered the mushrooms on toasted bread served with cooked spinach, caramelised onions and a lovely dollop of goats cheese. Certainly not your average mushrooms on toast the goats cheese was a lovely topper for this dish, in combination with the spinach and  onions.


DD ordered one of the big breakfast dishes which was served  toasted bread, 2 poached eggs, sausages, bacon, mushrooms, tomato and a homemade fritter. It was huge by Perth standards and the best thing about ordering a big breakfast is being about to mix and match the food together on the dish.


Fortysevenkirwanstreet has an open feel to it, perhaps due to the large windows that face the street front, this Sunday morning it was orchestra of pots, the coffee machine and people chatting away all adding to that bustling cafe ambiance. The staff  were onto to everything and we were looked after by several people . Out and about if I ever receive above average service in Perth, I will scream it to the rooftops to anyone that will listen. Today the service was most exceptional!

Minor Details

Table service

They do picnic hampers as well

Free parking out the front


47 Kirwan St
Floreat, WA 6014

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  • Kristy - Reply

    January 27, 2013 at 7:27 am

    I’ve heard such great things about this place – your photos definitely are even more encouragement for me to make my way here. Especially seeing the words mushrooms and goats cheese!

    • leanne - Reply

      January 27, 2013 at 4:22 pm

      Thanks!!! I love goats cheese and was really happy when they served more than a teaspoon of it, it was so yummy.

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