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Working in Subiaco I regularly pass The Walk Cafe and noticed it is quite the popular place, full of life during lunch time. Eager to visit the cafe we took advantage of the peaceful Sunday morning in Subiaco and stopped by to try out the breakfast menu which is served until 11:00 am on weekends. Sunday mornings are the locals mornings in Subiaco, I love it! Plenty of space and parking around, it is also fairly quiet around the streets. Mind you only if you go in at around 9:00 am.

The Walk Cafe is located in a small open square amongst a few shops off Rokeby Road and provides seating outside under umbrellas or inside in the comforts of air conditioning. There are bicycle stands nearby if you happen to ride around Subiaco like us and parking close by.
The walk

My choice was the thyme roasted mushrooms with fresh ricotta served on sourdough toast and DD went with the Eggs Benedict which consisted of poached eggs, grilled ham and avocado on sourdough toast  and finished with homemade hollandaise.

Both dishes were great, in fact mine was truly filling, I consider it  ‘a steaks worth of mushrooms’ on my plate! The chef certainly knew how to cook mushrooms, they were well seasoned and not dry at all. Any breakfast lover will know that the toast is an integral part of the meal, the sourdough bread that they use is incredibly tasty, that and the fresh ingredients that they use make an overall perfect experience at The Walk Cafe.

The Toby’s Estate coffee and freshly squeezed juice were perfect. The staff at The Walk Cafe really do pay attention to you, really nice for Subiaco.

The secret to this place I believe is the nice selection of healthy menu choices, the fresh ingredients they use and the service.

The walk front

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