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In Europe Churros are cheap street food, In Perth Australia they are a decadent dessert and over the past few years San Churro has opened its doors across Perth with currently seven stores to choose from which means one is nearby to you!


I took my parents on an expedition to San Churro in Subiaco to try their very first Churro, it is not very often i can introduce something totally new to my parents. The Churro plate for two was served with dark and milk chocolate dipping sauces . You can choose from a few sauce, there is also cream and caramel dipping sauces.

Everything at San Churro is rich in flavour and packed with sugar, for my parents the flavours were a tad intense (as in they do not like sugary foods all that much). Me however is a different story, I thought it was perfectly delicious.

You will leave with a full feeling and if you happen to have gone to Jus Burgers next door prior to San Churro, i salute you. I have always wanted to do that but my stomach just won’t take such a thing.

The affogato was  pretty good and the Churros were great although I think the price is high. Kids will absolutely love this place, being able to dip their Churros in chocolate and as my friend said ‘it’s letting the kids know there is a god after all!’

Opening Times

San Churro is open until 10.00 pm on the weeknights which is fantastic and on Friday and Saturday night it is open until 11.00pm.

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