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Lemon Station Cafe

Lemon Station Cafe

Lemon Station Cafe is located in Cottesloe Village between Stirling Highway and the Fremantle line train tracks.

Cottesloe is one of several luxurious suburbs that make up the ‘Western Suburbs’  in Perth, it is also well known for its close proximity to the beach. Forget the beach today though, its freezing! Instead think of a savory breakfast with piping hot coffees!

The cafe is on Station Street and apart from a small sign that sits on the footpath you wouldn’t know it was there, all for the better i say.

What i instantly loved about this cafe is the large high wooden table in the middle of the room. It is littered with magazines and newspapers. A perfect space to set up the laptop or wait for that takeaway coffee.

We took the only table available which happened to be in the covered patio area.

The naked poached eggs was a dish of healthy goodness (except for the butter and bread) with half an avocado, lightly cooked tomatoes and baby spinach salad. It was fresh tasting and very filling.


  The coffee cups were slightly on the small side but that did not matter too much  - the coffees were smooth and strong and we forgot about the small details eventually.

 The Station is the trusty Big Breakfast and very tasty. Bacon, Tomatoes and mushrooms lightly cooked maintaining a fresh taste.

Station Breakie

The Station – 2 eggs anyway, bacon, baked beans, chorizo, tomato & toast ($22.00)

Tel: +61 (8) 9284 3808

SMS Ordering 0405 377699

Hours: Monday to Friday 6.30am to 3.30pm / Saturday 7am to 3pm / Sunday 7.30am to 1pm

There is parking out front and the cafe is walking distance from the Cottesloe Train Station. Dogs are welcome at the cafe. It is counter service so be sure to order your meal and drinks at the counter!

Naked poached eggs with avocado, grilled tomato, baby spinach & parmesan ($16.00 + $2.50 for a piece of Toast)

Naked poached eggs with avocado, grilled tomato, baby spinach & parmesan ($16.00 + $2.50 for a piece of Toast)

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  Station Street is part what is known as Cottesloe village – a collection of stores and food places located on the below streets. It is a refreshing change from shopping centres!


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