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Friday night I am at home eating takeaway on the couch, after a long week I am happily eating my noodles, dipping the dumplings in soy sauce. Rewind 30 minutes and I was at the Cambridge Forum food court ordering a feast to take home.

Cambridge Forum is an indoor food court located next to the Wembley hotel, about a 20 minute drive from Perth CBD and a 5 minute drive from Subiaco. There are a couple of stalls to order from and diners can bring along a bottle of wine or beer. My two favourite stalls that seem to go hand in hand are Malaysian Hawker and Wembley Dim Sum. Paris Crepes is a new stall selling soft crepes and slowly cooked lamb shanks!


Wembley Dim Sum

This little dim sum place serves over 40 different varieties of dumplings at fairly good prices. Take a slip of paper, fill in your order and hand it over.


Malaysian Hawker

Malaysian cuisine, I often see the mother and father in the kitchen cooking up the food. Malaysian Hawker has been serving Penang food for over 10 years in the food court.  Most of the dishes are cooked to order with the exception of those that are ready to go in the bain-marie.


The mee goreng  and special fried rice from Malaysian Hawker is $10.00 a piece. Mee goreng is my favourite Malaysian (or is it Malay Indian?) dish and I just love the one at Cambridge Forum. Each time time I return there is something different to the dish. This evening very small morsels of fried bread was mixed into the noodle dish.


We ordered pan fried pork dumplings  for $4.80, 3 are served and they were one of the fattest pork dumplings I have had!  The Steamed BBQ pork bun was $4.20 for 2.


Normal Opening Hours
11am to 9pm – Tue to Sun
Closed on Monday

W http://cambridgeforum.com.au/

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