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Brunch at Dizzy Witch Cafe

Brunch at Dizzy Witch Cafe


The day after the wedding we were feeling like a BIG breakfast and having heard good things we stopped at the Dizzy Witch Cafe, across from hotel Northbridge.

I ordered the Mushrooms on toast Esmeralda($14.00) with a serving of poached eggs ($4.00) and should make mention the extra poached egg was in fact two. The meal was the perfect serving of toast and mushroom, definitely value for money. I like my mushrooms moist and these mushrooms were exactly that.

DD ordered the Griseldas eggs benedict($18.00) and went with the Salmon instead of bacon. DD enjoyed the meal but thinks he should of asked for the salmon on top as he dislikes warm salmon.

COFFEE is always my friend and at Dizzy Witch it was my saviour, strong and hot.








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