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The Imp is in the top 10 places to have coffee in Perth! That is pretty impressive and so this brings me to the other side of the city in East Victoria Park one early morning.

The Imp is a very popular place in the morning and it is not uncommon for a line, the line moves fairly quickly as the Barista pumps out the coffees. They use the rather smooth blend of Fiori coffee and it does live up to the top 10 status. Unfortunately The Imp is not in my local neighbourhood but if I were in the area again for sure would I grab a coffee from The Imp.


Cappuccino $4.00 and Pot of Chai Tea $4.60

cappuccino and chai tea

The Imp is open from 7.00 am Monday to Sunday. It is a cosy little cafe with some seating outside. Parking is available out the front.

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