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John Street Cafe

John Street Cafe
john street cafe front1


John Street Cafe sits away from the main strip of Cottesloe Beach among the trendy homes in Cottesloe, it’s vivid deep blue walls add to the laid back beach surroundings. Being brave and heading out into the ‘Perth heatwave’ for some breakfast just before noon, I can say that it was rather peaceful and breezy sitting outside under the Norfolk trees.


John Street cafe


Lucky for us breakfast is served all day long  and so I ordered the Hotcakes from the specials menu and DD ordered the Eggs Benedict.

The homemade hotcakes were served with cubed mangoes, drizzling of maple syrup, a dollop of smooth Ricotta and finished with a light sprinkling of powdered sugar and mint garnish. I absolutely love Ricotta with sweet dishes, it adds additional flavour than whipped cream.

The eggs benedict was served with two poached eggs, bacon on toast and a generous amount of hollandise sauce. The eggs were perfectly poached, when sliced they were nice and goey.

The total bill for the two of us was $49.50, which is typical of Perth prices and the service, atmosphere  and food will entice us for a return visit soon.



 Eggs Benedict ($15.50)




Hotcakes with whipped ricotta, mango and maple syrup ($15.50)




Cappuccino ($4.20)





Long Mac ($4.20)


Long mac 2



The gracious and rather tall Norfolk Trees, a trademark around the town of Cottesloe


norfolk trees


40 degrees and the sun’s rays penetrate the trees, it is hot!




Street parking is available and if you find a spot you are in luck! The cafe is within easy walking distance from Cottesloe Beach. It is table service at John Street Cafe and Eftpos is available. If breakfast is not what you are after, lunch is served from 12.00 pm.


Walking Distance from Cottesloe Beach

cottesloe john street



37 John Street, Cottesloe


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  1. are generally sooo awful good!!

  2. Kristy says:

    Those hotcakes look delicious! I think this one might need to be added to my long list of places to try :)

  3. Derek Novak says:

    Can’t wait to eat here again!

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