Peanut Butter Cups

Posted in - kitchen @ Home on July 19th 2014 Peanut Butter Cups 2

Who loves Reece’s peanut butter cups? I do! I really do, so much so I had to make them at home. This is a super easy recipe adapted from the New York Cult Recipes cookbook. Thankyou @shopgirlinprint for the recommendation! The peanut butter cups were ready to eat in a couple of minutes after making.


1 tablespoon coconut …

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The Gaya, Applecross

Posted in - Food and Drink Perth on July 19th 2014 Red-Misu

Wednesday evening a group of us dined at a restaurant known for its striking Korean fusion, the Gaya. The restaurant is located in a small but very popular food precinct at the end of Riseley Street in Applecross. Being a little new to fusion dining I was excited at the thought of eating outside of …

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Chalkys Espresso Bar

Posted in - All Day Breakfast & Coffee on July 11th 2014 Chakly Express

Friday morning we drove into Fremantle to check out Chalkys Espresso Bar, purely because of an intriguing photo I saw on Instagram late Thursday evening. This could sound a little unusual but in reality this is the effect of social media and I became apart of the instagram community a few weeks ago thanks …

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The Coffee Club, Claremont Quarter

Posted in - All Day Breakfast & Coffee & western australia on July 10th 2014 Long mac coffee club

Growing up in the 1990′s and when Perth was not so groovy, cafe franchises were a regular place to hang out and especially at the shopping mall. Memories are returning of the cafe inside Myers in Fremantle and Kmart at Kardinya Park. The Coffee Club is an Australian franchise of cafe restaurants, Australia’s largest actually. …

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The Grand Budapest Hotel Themed Morning Tea

Posted in - Cake & Chocolate & kitchen @ Home on July 7th 2014 8250325_orig

The Grand Budapest Hotel, what a great movie! Ann Hornaday from the Washington Post compares the movie ‘to a compulsively arranged sacher torte, an elegant mousetrap of stories-within-stories that invokes history with a temperament ranging from winsome to deeply mournful’. The reference to a sacher torte leaves me smiling. The 1832 created Viennese chocolate torte …

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Nesbar Design Store

Posted in - Coffee on July 5th 2014 Nesbar 3

This morning we discovered the sweetest little corner store of which also happens to serve takeaway coffee from a lookalike swiss wood cabin. Nesbar Design on North Street in Swanbourne, a few minutes drive from Swanbourne beach is a design store for children. Beautifully styled in three rooms we found a display of clothing, toys, …

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Airbnb meet up + Il Lido Canteen

Posted in - Blog & Featured & Food and Drink Perth on July 4th 2014 Cottesloe

On a quiet Monday evening we had the pleasure of attending an Airbnb meet up at Il Lido Canteen in Cottesloe. The evening was a chance to chat with Sam, the country manager for Australia and New Zealand as well as connect with fellow Perth hosts.


For those that do not already know, Airbnb is an …

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Hudson and Hughie

Posted in - Breakfast & Cake & Coffee & Food and Drink Perth & Perth, Australia & western australia on June 29th 2014 Caramel slice

Sunday morning and in no real rush we stopped by Hudson and Hughie for a couple of takeaway coffees before heading to Bunnings Warehouse.

Hudson and Hughie is a wonderfully small neighbourhood store and cafe stocked with local and international hand-picked produce and gourmet ingredients. Breakfast is served until 2:00 pm and coffee all day long. …

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