The Banker Cafe, Fremantle

Posted in - Cake & Coffee on September 1st 2014 Coffee-and-cake-The-Banker-Cafe

Located in the magnificent former Commonwealth Bank building (built-in 1934) is a collaboration of coffee and retail fashion, the Banker Cafe and Common Ground Collective share the large space on 82 High Street in Fremantle.

Meeting dad for a quick coffee I was a little excited to show him a new spot in Fremantle, there seems to …

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Takeaway Friday night – Cambridge Forum

Posted in - Food and Drink Perth on August 22nd 2014 Cambridge

Friday night I am at home eating takeaway on the couch, after a long week I am happily eating my noodles, dipping the dumplings in soy sauce. Rewind 30 minutes and I was at the Cambridge Forum food court ordering a feast to take home.

Cambridge Forum is an indoor food court located next to the Wembley hotel, about …

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Book Review: Snowflakes and Schnapps

Posted in - Book Reviews & kitchen @ Home on August 21st 2014 Schnappes

Snowflakes and Schnapps by Jane Lawson is a collection of comforting winter recipes, drawn from a combination of curiosity in discovering her family roots and European travels. Jane shares recipes covering regions of an alpine Europe – Estonia, Russia, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria and France. Delicious hearty rich meals to consume on a chilly evening by the wood fire …

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3 in 1 Market @ Showgrounds + Lake Espresso

Posted in - Blog & western australia on August 16th 2014 Cuckoo-Clock

The 3 in 1 markets is open all weekend long at the Claremont Showgrounds. If you are a regular reader on the blog you’ll notice we have been going to a few vintage and secondhand stores around Perth. We are wanting to tone down the Ikea look we have happening in the apartment.  Two weekends ago …

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Creative workshops and cooking classes in Perth

Posted in - Blog & kitchen @ Home & western australia on August 14th 2014 Crochet

Do you know how to sew? Make white stock? Build a wood stool? Crochet? Knit? Funnily enough these are all skills our parents or grandparents could do without instruction and they learnt these skills from previous generations. I did home economics back school but somehow along the way I lost those skills. Was it my day job behind a …

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Secret Cake Club Perth – Oh My!

Posted in - Breakfast & Brunch & Cake & kitchen @ Home on August 14th 2014 Secret-Cake-Club-Perth Little Stove

Imagine a get together of people who love to bake and also those who love to eat, where you bring along a dish to match the monthly theme and share each others. Then, if there is spare you are encouraged to take a selection home. The city of Perth is far from boring these days and this …

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Hot springs in Nozawa Onsen

Posted in - Around the world & Our Travels & Travelling Me on August 14th 2014 Onsen

In the Japanese ski town of Nozawa Onsen one of the popular activities to do after a day in the mountains is to soak in an onsen. The island of Japan has quite a bit of geothermal activity going on below the ground and in some regions hot mineral rich water is released to form a natural …

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